The Heap


Thrombosis lurks in passageways / with promises to keep: I formulate & plot delays / but know I’m fixin’ to croak in a heap…like the fable of the one-horse shay which never needed repairs, it just fell apart one fine spring day, in a clatter of hardware like a rattletrap Jeep / just like how I’m fixin’ to croak in a heap…..a cardiac attack is in the cards, there’s not much doubt of that; the palace guards all shout alarms that echo down the dark & deep / “Clear a spot!”, they yell, “Throw a cushion on the ground, he’s surely fixin’ to croak in a heap!”……Look at the numbers, look at the stats – a lifetime of cigarettes, alcohol & fats – I’ve courted abuse, now it’s giving me grief / I’ve drawn aces & eights, now I’m fixin’, I know, to croak in a heap…..I’ll be found at home or in the street, a crumpled sack of bones & meat / unable to crawl, or dance, or creep, my former self croaked right there in a heap.

j.j. marino


Posted on April 6, 2012, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. barbarasimila

    I, too, will fall dead when the heart just stops/ like the other fish in my gene pool.
    So, when that day comes/ just let it happen when I’m sleeping / I hope the same for my father / Like my Emi who lay on the daybed for a nap, and dreamt away/ room filled with the scent of cardamom bread.

  2. barbarasimila

    Thank you. The event took place in timeless time…..she is everwithme. My ancestors (Saami) have always been with me.

  3. Interesting…did you (do you) have any ‘traditionals’ in the family?….I read the language is endangered.

    May I ask about Emi?

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