CORPORADO….my re-write of the song ‘Desperado’



why can’t you come to your senses?

your head is as dense as

some old fat cow


Oh, you’re a hard one

but I know that

you got your reasons

these things that are pleasin’ you

are killin’ me now


Don’t you draw

the Ace of Diamonds, man

it’ll bite you in your ass soon

you know the King of Hearts

is always your best bet


Now it seems to me some Fat Cats

have been slipping you some fast cash

but you only want the shirt

that’s on my back!



Oh, you ain’t gettin’ any kinder

you need a hard reminder

like a boot up your ass


Oh, freedom

well, that’s just liberal bullshit

you trample the people

with your fists full of cash


Don’t your ass get fat in the winter time?

the wine is sweet and the meals are fine

it’s hard to tell how many chins you’ve got


You’re losin’ all your sympathy

ain’t it funny how

your empathy is shot?



why don’t you come to your senses?

you make me as tense as

a virgin’s first date


It may be fat times

but there’s a hammer above you

you better spread that wealth around you

(spread that wealth around you)

you better spread that wealth around you

before it’s too late!



About j. j. marino

As a creaky & cranky a-social agoraphobic anchorite, living in seclusion in the Great North Woods & keeping centered by the Power of the Written Word, a blog would seem to be a fat pitch in my strike zone.

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  1. Very cool … mayb e Mz. Sarah Rose will do a rendition for internet publication? 🙂

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