SU – Wisconsin Preview….on to the Elite Eight or into the Pit of Despair


The word I see most used to describe Wisconsin basketball is “deliberate”….they have the lowest average  ‘possessions per game’ in the country, which means they take their sweet-ass time finding a shot they like….unfortunately for SU, they’ve been making the ones they finally take, to the tune of 47% from the 3-point arc so far in the Tournament….they have one of the best point guards in the country in Jordan Taylor, a guy not prone to turning the ball over, which is worrisome  because Syracuse scores a whopping 27% of their points off turnovers…..they’ll try to slow the game down, SU will try to speed it up…the good news, as I see it, is that a slow, low-scoring team seldom blows anyone out, and if it ends up being a close game at the end, Syracuse has made big plays in crunch-time all season….in other words, we can play their game, but they can’t play ours…..the Vegas point spread has SU favored by 4, and the over/under is a (disconcertingly low) 121…..I look for the ‘Cuse to run ’em out of the Boston Garden in a total & dazzling display of hoops supremacy, but will, of course, settle for the W, and a ticket into the Elite Eight….if the absolutely unthinkable should happen & they don’t, in fact, win this game (I can’t bear to write ‘if they lose), I’ll tip my cap to the Boring Badger Ballers & congratulate my boys on an incredible & immensely enjoyable season!…..Go Orange!

j.j. marino


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As a creaky & cranky a-social agoraphobic anchorite, living in seclusion in the Great North Woods & keeping centered by the Power of the Written Word, a blog would seem to be a fat pitch in my strike zone.

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