“Have You Written Any Books?”

TC> I suppose, as in the famous Aesop fable, ‘what you ask three times must be answered.”…..Yes, I have written books. The 1st was an expansion on my doctoral thesis about potassium bromide, a popular early 20th century anti-convulsant & sedative used to curb sexual arousal, as masturbation was thought to induce seizures. ‘Onanism…Spilled Seed and the Weimar Republic; A Clinical Exploration’ was published by a small academic press in Hoboken…. While serving my internship @ Mt. Sinai, I published a collection of short stories about an odd & colorful rural mid-western sub-culture known as “cow-tippers”….’Knock ‘Er Down!’ sold well, and is now in a 2nd printing….. In the 60’s I dropped out and started taking acid. I wrote a science-fiction trilogy titled ‘The Oneironauts’….’Book One: The Dream Without’, ‘Book Two: The Dream Within’, ‘Book Three: The Dream in the Middle’…….all three books, as well as the trilogy as a whole, won both the Hugo & Nebula Awards  (the final book, ‘The Dream in the Middle’ won both awards pre-publication, on the strength of the first two)…….I wrote several books in the 70’s & 80’s about the ‘Back-To-The-Land Movement’, which I was a part of, living off-the-grid in a renovated chicken-coop and raising sugar beets & emus (for meat) on 6 acres outside of Macon, Georgia, the most prominent of which was a memoir titled ‘Reflections of a Burned Out Hippie’, which was short-listed for the Booker Prize…..I didn’t publish again until ’94, when I wrote a travelogue about my adventures bicycling through the Himalayas – ‘A Hard Road’ won the prestigious ‘Thomas Cook Travel Book Award’……in ’98 I was committed to a minimum-security mental institution, where I wrote volumes of incoherent gibberish before I was cured and released….since then, I’ve written poetry exclusively, garnering a great many awards, accolades & tributes…..the famous ‘Appledork Press’ will soon be releasing my Magnus Opus: ‘Through A Windshield, Darkly; The Collected Works of j.j marino’…..industry-buzz is intense.Image



About j. j. marino

As a creaky & cranky a-social agoraphobic anchorite, living in seclusion in the Great North Woods & keeping centered by the Power of the Written Word, a blog would seem to be a fat pitch in my strike zone.

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  1. you fucking rock brutha

  2. Since I could not find any links to the above mentioned writings I take it this is a hoax! You tricked me, good one Joel!

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