The Truth About Physics

The Truth About Physics

A rigorous perusal of either dynamism and/or demographics will uncover the relative implausibility of results obtained from any closed system whose rigid parameters exclude oscillating (or even simply recursive) perturbations in any experiments conducted in the negative space of auto-catalytic, multi-molecular vesicles. Certain non-linear condusive apparatus, when oriented along pre-axial lines of electro-magnetic frequencies, can be, as it were, “strong-armed” into yielding coherent ratios, but be that as it may, the artifice collapses when subjected to density fluctuation or macroscopic bifurcation. Our knowledge of non-equilibrium statistical selection deflects any attempt at the interjection of isothermal phases without first considering the synthesis of pre-biotic polymer molecules, or those of the second order, which are of the proteic type.

Thus is proven the wisdom of Sir Arthur Eddington when commenting on Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle:
“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.”

j.j. marino


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  1. I completely get this….

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