Show Me the Money!

Show Me the Money!

I want to drive a Cadillac,
and wear chinchilla shorts;
I’d let my women shop at Saks,
buy ’em perfume by the quart.
I want to be so fucking rich
the Rolling Stones would ask for loans,
and all my servants would be
Halle Berry clones.
I want to own a Palm Springs ranch,,
play golf with the boys at the Club;
wear brightly colored checkered pants,
drink exotic liqueurs in a mahogany hot-tub.
I want to own a private jet,
gamble thousands away in Monte Carlo,
catch gala openings at the Met
with a mistress who looks like Jean Harlow.
I want a villa on an island
in the Adriatic Sea,
a Rolls just parked in the garage,
a sterling silver toilet
into which I could pee,
an opulent Black Forest hunting lodge.

I ain’t rich yet & it ain’t funny,
so cough it up & SHOW ME THE MONEY!

j.j. marino


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