Death knocked on Amelia’s door.
She was busy with her make-up,
and didn’t hear him at first.
He knocked again. (persistent cuss)
Before throwing the dead-bolt, (ironic)
she asked, “Who is it?”
The reply was none too comforting:
“Death.” (he felt no compunction to be coy)
Amelia thought it was her neighbor Bill,
who was fond of practical jokes. (Bill had already left for work)
So she opened the door, and saw…what?
An insidious figure with horns?
The devil himself?
No, what she saw was a bland looking, middle aged man with a briefcase.
He asked, “Amelia Miller?”
“Yes…?” (a chill)
“I am Death, and your time has come.” (tapped his watch)
Amelia was about to say she was calling the cops,
but, instead,
dropped dead on the spot.
Death adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses,
and went about his business.

j.j. marino


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