Discourse in the Woods

Discourse in the Woods

In the heart of the heat
our modes become enjambled,
synapses flash in distress,
warning of cosmic intrusion,
neuro-chemical havoc pervades the pulpy mass,
tripping dormant circuits, revealing coded information,
as crisis control leaps into action.
In the heart of the heat
you only truly live or die,
all else takes place beneath
the cover of reduction & division.

(“Hear him!” cried the fireflies, “How his mind soars!”)

In the heart of the heat
no question prevails,
it is seamless, no component can be found,
no theory or thought maintains…
it is complete, immediate & round.

(the owls, who had perched with stoic indifference,
now wildly hooted their approval, and a foraging
unit of ants actually paused to listen for awhile)

In the heart of the heat,
when either mortality or infinity is faced,
a distant wavelength crackles life,
a frequency of truth is found
whereby we can approach eternity…
complete, immediate & round.

(the deer were astounded by such eloquence,
a fox and an otter were moved to tears,
and all the birds sang in excited speculation)

In the heart of the heat,
a death or a poem takes place,
with a muffled explosion of sound,
the self is removed,
the ego made mute,
and alone by the power of unbidden grace
we see all…
complete, immediate & round.

(the stars traced patterns through the dark like lace,
not a single creature made a sound)

j.j. marino


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