Loud ‘N’ Proud

Loud  'N'  Proud

Lest men be unsure of your stock-in-trade,
tear down the ramparts of your barricade;
lift your foolish siege of propriety,
be done with didactic sobriety!
Announce to the world that you versify,
declare that by standards you qualify!
Circulate flyers and transcripts of
your unpublished early sonnets of love;
aim with your talent to gently disarm,
and shower the world with your poetic charm.

Lest men be unsure of your marrow-bone,
flourish your trumpet and let it be known
that before them stands one of the elite,
that your confidence is not a conceit;
tell them with pride of your sketches sublime,
of your joy in finding a just-so rhyme;
advertise the degree of your fever,
confess at once that you’re a believer.

like a rooster, puff-up & loudly crow it:

j.j. marino


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