To Arms! To Arms!

To Arms! To Arms!

Hunker down with glyph & rune
in these gelid days of danger!
Don a cloak of lyric mail, heft a lance of verse;
cast a spell of prosody, launch a crafted curse!
Construct a moat of flowing verbs,
excavate a pit of rhyme –
fill them both with mighty words,
dangerous as caustic lime!
Attack the drooling horde with wit,
devour their unborn babies;
bludgeon them with English Lit.,
dispatch the might-have-beens & maybes!
Be merciless with the metric foot,unmoved by pleas for pity…turn their homes to ash & soot,
annihilate their city!
Armed to the teeth with weapons modern & archaic,
a warrior courageous & fierce;
hexameter or pentameter, heroic or trochaic,
the club that can batter, the spear that can pierce!
Scatter ’em wide with a multi-megaton bomb
of the poetic/imagistic variety;
plug ’em once in the chest with steely-nerved calm,
punish with swift retribution their impiety!
With ruthless versification & Churchillian valor,
rout the wordless invader & put a blush on the pallor!


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