Metaphor Mo’

Metaphor Mo'

Maurice LeBlanc was fond of flowery speech,
and was known in certain circles as
Metaphor Mo’;
his vocabulary was vast
like sand on the beach,
his sentences unique
like each flake of snow.

He told Muttonhead Boggs one night at the bar
that the Sun, the Earth, the Sea & the Air
“reflect all things”, whatsoever they are,
and must be used in speech with the “uttermost care.”

To Metaphor Mo’ no thing stood alone,
the near was caught up in the far;
there are degrees of emphasis,
variations of tone,
there are facets of things that are “more than they are.”

He told Muttonhead Boggs, who was deep in his drink,
that words must focus & amplify,
that metaphor is much more than you’d think,
that clarity is not mere “pie in the sky.”

j.j. marino


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