Our panel tonight…

Our panel tonight...

Good evening, folks! Our discussion tonight is being broadcast live tonight from Battaglia’s Pizzaria, right next door the legendary Walter’s Stinking Tavern, and is being brought to you by our long-time sponsors, Lutz’s Marshmallow Peeps & Red Man Chewing Tobacco. Our guests tonight will be discussing ‘electro-magnetic perturbations in ion-plasma vortexes’, and include author & lectuerer Petey Pisnowski, whose new book, ‘The Cryptozoologists Handbook’ has just been released by Dumbkoff Press to rave reviews; actor & political activist Raefield Blatz, who’s just returned from Mongolia, where he organized the struggle for yak-herders rights; Dr. Evelyn Shambala-Smith, noted anthropologist & conspiracy theorist, whose new book, ‘Wapiti Cybernauts: How an Obscure African Tribe Transformed the Internet;, will be released this fall; Professor Smedley Monkfish, noted authority on transhumanism & gnostic kabbalah; the Reverend Josephus P. Swinehunt, film maker, talk show host and aquitted pedophile, whose documentary, ‘After Dark at the Cub Scout Jamboree’ won the top prize at this year’s Tuscaloosa Film Festival; and the popular rapper Kra-Z-Nigga-Wit-A-Gun, who lectures to underprivileged inner city gangs on black hole cosmology & quantum fluctuations in Nth dimension plasma physics.

We’ll start with you, Mr. Nigga….

j.j. marino


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