The Sun Always Be Shinin’

The Sun Always Be Shinin'

The brother was cool, I must admit that,
as he sat on his bar stool, slick as a cat.
He was wearing his shades, tho’ the bar was quite dark,
tight-brim hat & smile like a shark,
when a cousin of his, all elbows & jive,
walked into the place,
slapping high fives.
When he saw the dude wearing shades in the dark,
he whistled & hooted like a crazed meadowlark.
“What you be wearin’ them eyeshades fo’,
you be eyein’ & spyin’ who come thru the do’?
Lookahere, my man be wearin’ shades inna dark,
this here a bar, ain’t no Sat’day inna park!”
Slyly, the dude took a sip of his scotch,
smoothed the brim of his hat, glanced at his watch.
“My friend.” he said, as his shark-smile widened,
“When you’re cool as I am,
the sun always be shinin’!”


j.j. marino


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