Y’know what I mean, Vern?

The blog so far has been used primarily as a vehicle for poetry & installments of my ‘Gothic Memoir’, and not for the purpose of “personal observations”, which seem to be an important  part of many of the blogs I’ve been sampling. I’ve been trying and get a handle on just what the hell it is I’m trying to accomplish here, and it seems that I, really, have hardly a clue. Getting things off my chest & blowing off steam don’t, as yet, seem to have anything to do with it, and neither does trying to convince the world that I’ve discovered the Secret of Life, which, incidentally, I have…. Now that I think of it, I suppose  explaining the Secret of Life to others would be a noble & righteous purpose for a blog, one which might not only be entertaining for me personally (the real purpose of any blog, I’m suspecting), but be of some moral & spiritual interest & benefit to others…sort of a brave & heroic & selfless undertaking in the greater accounting of things. The Secret of Life is, after all, no trifle, no mere blog entry concerned with the daily whirr & buzz of deceptive Maya, but a profound revelation of the physical & cosmic mechanisms @ work here in our local sub-region of the multiverse.

I’m glad I thought of it. Future entries will delineate what I call the “Physics of Metaphysics”, gleaned incrementally, yet steadily, from a decade or more of study & practice in the art/science/discipline of EAKM (pronounced eek-um): Entropy Avoidance & Karmic Management (or Manipulation).

“The proof is in the pudding.” & “Judge a man by the fruit he bears.”


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