Journal Report, Mid-August ’06…driving cab for Geddy.

Journal Report, Mid-August '06...driving cab for Geddy.

At the season’s halfway mark & steady-as-she-goes. Mid-August, the kids soon to be back to school, cool nights & mornings, and fatback stewing in the bean-pot. A welcomed assurance from the Kahuna that there will be no dastardly switch to night shifts, as there was last summer, and continuing blessings from airport-fares (knock wood), have kept things almost smooth like buttah – for me, anyway….the usual agitations & Foo-Fa-Rah attends the operation at large: Steve’s ongoing drama as police-magnet, the Shark greedily back on board, scratching tickets maniacally, the recent exit of Randy the Sandman & the addition of Mo’ the Ho’ has company manager Louie pulling his hair and dreaming of Jim Beam in a Geddy-less house. Geddy himself seems to be sailing along smoothly enough, despite the medical problems & the fact that he’s a pain-in-the-ass to everyone he’s in contact with. He’ll be leaving soon for his annual 2 weeks in Seattle, then it’s the final push through the ‘Fall Foliage Extravaganza’. Marta & I remain remarkably placid & refreshingly rational, bastions of solidity, rocks of Gibraltar, higher ground in the swirling sea of Geddy-madness.

The Perseids have passed (I missed them again), so also has the heat of the season….now for a deep breath & the Stately Grand Entrance of Fall.


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