A blog seems like a safe little hidey-hole, a cozy den, from which one may lob metaphorical mortars towards enemy lines, chuck grenades at the storm troopers of ignorance & greed while sipping coffee & watching the river flow outside your window. It’s really not like “social media”, where the unwritten rules urge you to be, well… to be sociable. It feels like a bomb shelter in here, the Fuhrer’s fucking bunker, the fortified walls of a medieval castle!…who reads blogs?! and who the hell has any inclination to comment on someone else’s random & often painfully banal ramblings?!… here, it’s only you & The Word, and, as for me, what happens w/ it ‘out there’ just ain’t none of my nevermind…..mebbe I’ll use this ‘Operation Wake The Fuck Up’ idea & image when I feel like dropping boiling oil or massive boulders on the heads of the milling masses from the walls of this, my impregnable fortress, my blog.


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